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Merk In the News: CNN Money
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In an published article by CBB Money entitled "The U.S. dollar is super strong now", Portfolio Manager Axel Merk talks about dollar strengthening is more about Russia than Draghi.

"...'The dollar's strengthening as of late is more about Russia than Draghi,' said Axel Merk, chief investment officer with Merk Investments LLC. 'The Ukraine situation is destroying confidence in the European recovery, and more sanctions against Russia will hurt Europe as well.'...

...Merk points out that it will be very hard to figure out what Vladimir Putin decides to do next. That uncertainty could lead to even more investors dumping the euro and scooping up the dollar. It's not so much that investors are in love with the dollar. They just hate the euro....

...'People may be buying the dollar by default. Everyone is piling in on everyone else's trade,' Merk said...."