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Gold White Papers
Merk Gold White Papers
Gold Report

New! Case for Gold: Optimal Portfolio Allocation

Our most recent white paper focuses on the potential benefits of adding gold to your investment portfolio:

  • Adding a gold allocation to stock portfolio improved its risk-adjusted return
  • Diversification with uncorrelated assets matters, as it is possible to substantially lower the volatility of a portfolio by adding an uncorrelated asset
  • One can lower the overall risk profile of a balanced portfolio by adding a gold component
Gold Report

Case for Gold: Portfolio Benefits

This white paper focuses on the portfolio applications of gold: we analyze the benefits of adding gold to an investment portfolio. Notably, gold may help to:

  • Minimize downside deviations in the value of an overall portfolio
  • Reduce overall volatility
  • Enhance returns

Historically, adding a gold allocation has provided substantial enhancements to a portfolio's risk-return profile. Download our full White Paper to learn more.

Gold Report Case for Gold: Invest in the Ultimate Currency?

Our most recent white paper specifically focuses on the two key reasons investors typically cite as critical decision-making factors supporting an investment in gold:

  • Protection against inflation
  • Safe Haven investment

In the context of the current economic environment, we put forth arguments supporting both of these investment theses. We show how expectations for future inflation have become elevated, and are likely to remain so, given a backdrop of easy monetary policies the world over. Additionally, we propose that continue leverage throughout the economy is likely to result in ongoing heightened levels of volatility, while the degree of uncertainty remains over the future trajectory of the global environment. These dynamics may continue to vindicate an investment in gold as a protection against inflation and as a safe haven investment. In turn, we believe these trends are likely to underpin continued strength in the price of gold over the foreseeable future.