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Cash Management Services

Treasury Services

Banks continue to offer barely any interest on deposit. You are effectively donating money to the bank, as they can deposit the cash they receive from you at the Federal Reserve, earning substantially more.

As a Merk client, we can help you manage your cash more efficiently. You do not need to have millions in cash in the bank to make it worthwhile to be more pro-active: if your bank pays you 0.1% per annum in interest, a $100,000 cash balance earns you $100 a year. If, in contrast, you invest Treasury bills that earn 2.1%, you earn $2,100 in interest. (*) You may not get rich of an extra $2,000 in income, but why give it to the bank?

If, at times, you hold more substantial cash balances, it goes without saying that sub-optimal Treasury management can easily add up to significant money left on the table.

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This information should not be considered a solicitation or an offer by Merk Investments to provide any services in any jurisdiction.

(*) As of this writing on November 6, 2018, 4 week Treasury bills yield 2.16% p.a.; 3 month Treasury bills yield 2.30%; 12 month Treasury bills yield 2.61% (source: Bloomberg).

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