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Through a robust investment process, we aim to deliver truly uncorrelated returns that seek optimal profit potential within tailored investment objectives.


Investment Strategies

The strategies Merk offers include gold, gold mining and stagflation.

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Food for thought on providing incentives to address the dark side of social media: adding an 'echo chamber' indicator on tweets, then giving tweeps the choice to only see tweets that adhere to their preferences. How about this, @elonmusk? 👇…

The EU's (DSA), due to come into effect on 8/23, will make it a legal obligation for social media platforms to take steps to combat disinformation. This means that Twitter will be required to comply with the DSA's requirements, even if it has withdrawn from the Code of Practice.…

We all like lower insurance rates, but when states impose restrictions on rates, insurers walk away because it's not worth the risk.…

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