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Conspiracy theories have a major flaw, I have long argued: they assume things improve if only we eliminate the bad apples. @Ayaan’s rebuttal of conspiracy theories takes this a step further showing subversion of our society is not a conspiracy…

Germany has been running a basic income experiment, of sorts: paying €563 a month to each of 1.2 million Ukrainian refugees. @fdp points out this is a disincentive to work and there's a shortage of workers. Timid as always, this proposal is for new refugees only.


I'm booking some travel this morning. When I enter San Francisco, the search results are for Puerto Vallarta instead. Should I take the hint?

Scanning the headlines today, I learn the Pope helicopters in to the G7, France is screwed is the left wins, France is screwed if the right wins and that it's Trump's birthday.

Which of these headlines is not true?

There's a saying that if you can't scare the hell out of voters should "the other side" win, you've already lost. We're not talking US, but French politics, w French Finance Minister warning about chaos/EU exit should the left win in their snap elections.

In case you haven't……

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