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Why I Own Gold

I am an optimist. I’m no conspiracist. I just happen to think the road to hell is paved with good intentions. As a result, I own gold. Let me expand.

Gold Report

Fools Gold: Five Common Mistakes with Gold Investments

You want to own gold. Maybe you're worried about the potentially detrimental inflationary effects emanating from the Fed's and global central banks' policies; maybe you're worried that the fiscal cliff agreement is simply kicking the can down the road and fiscal Armageddon looms on the horizon. Whether you're in search of inflation protection, a safe haven asset, or both, gold may be a part of the solution.

Gold Report Gold: The Ultimate Currency?

Is gold money? And if so, why? Some very smart people, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke included, claim gold is not money. Other equally smart people call gold the ultimate currency. Here we will briefly discuss what money is, how gold compares to the dollar, and provide some practical reasons for gold’s ascent as the predominant monetary commodity.

Gold Report How to Invest in Gold: Six Options to Consider

Gold has long been used as a protection against inflation and as a safe haven investment. Given the current economic environment, you too may be increasingly thinking about investing in gold. So, what's the best alternative?In our latest report we discuss six options available to you:

1. Striking Gold with Gold Mining Stocks
2. Gold Mining Fund - Basket of Golden Eggs
3. Paper Gold - Gilded Notes with Risks
4. Open-End Gold Trusts - Fractional Ownership
5. Closed-End Gold Trusts - Real but Pricey
6. Physical Gold - Bona Fide with Baggage

For explanations of these ways to invest in gold, please download our free report today!


Gold Report

Worth Its Weight: Six Reasons to Buy Gold Today

Holding a variety of assets, including gold, may smooth out portfolio returns over time and help protect against catastrophic losses. No asset should comprise the majority of your portfolio, but it may be hard to argue against owning at least some of the precious metal going forward.

Factors suggesting a strong future for gold include:
1. Hedge Against Inflation
2. Store of Wealth
3. Central Banks Fill Their Vaults

For explanations of these, and for three additional Reasons to Buy Gold Today, please download the report.