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Axel Merk Wrote The Book On Sustainable Wealth

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Sustainable wealth is a matter of understanding how the greater economic universe works, how that will affect your finances, and how to manage those finances to seek a sustained, financially secure future.

Many individuals have gone down the wrong path, risking future financial security to satisfy present wants, sometimes even disregarding their future finances altogether. But there’s a greater issue here, one you’ve probably already heard about: as a nation we’re mortgaging our future, one printed dollar at a time, to give ourselves a comfortable present. That’s a problem, because it compromises all of our abilities to provide for our own future needs.

“Finally an easy-to-read but very comprehensive study on investments in a world where sadly common sense is no longer so common — and short-term profit ‘temptations’ overwhelm the discipline of building sustainable wealth.” – Marc Faber, Editor, Gloom, Boom & Doom Report

“Maybe had Congress gotten this book before the financial crisis, we wouldn’t be in this crisis. But alas, we are, and alas, there’s hope. Axel Merk not only shows Washington the way out, but more importantly, the rest of us too. Not with a lecture, but a plan, and a damn good plan, without the bull and without the jargon. It’s why I love this guy. He really means it when he says he’s looking out for the rest of us guys. In Sustainable Wealth, he proves it” – Neil Cavuto, Sr. Vice President and Anchor, Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network

“The right financial decisions are always essential, but become particularly important in today’s turbulent times. Preparation and knowledge are required to protect you and your family, and this book provides everything you need to develop a sound plan for the future.” – James Turk, Founder and Chairman,

“I just completed your book today. I could not put it down. Congratulations! It was quite thought provoking and causes one to contemplate risk in a new light. Again thanks for writing and I am off to reread.”
– R.F.

“If I had to pick a single one from the plethora of publications trying to come up with solutions to the present-day investor’s predicament, I would not hesitate to reach for Axel’s book. He manages to encapsulate much of the no-nonsense but common-sense-laden wisdom that is so sorely needed in today’s post-crisis environment, in this little treasure. Indeed, we may not find ourselves to be in a post-crisis environment today, had we all followed the precepts outlined in this captivating read.

The advice that Mr. Merk offers gives new meaning to the idea of the ‘Prudent Man Rule’ however, this time, it applies not only to money managers, but to ordinary people as well. Mr. Merk conveys the ideas of wealth preservation, and of not getting attached to any single asset or any single putative sure-fire strategy, as the most successful path to embark upon, given our world of uncertainty and inherent risk. Kudos, for a timely work on the essentials of wealth management.” — Jon Nadler, Gold Analyst, Kitco Metals

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